Selected anniversaries/October 24

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October 24

title=Japanese battleship Musashi

  • 1789 – The Brabant Revolution, sometimes considered as the first expression of Belgian nationalism, began with the invasion of the Austrian Netherlands by an émigré army from the Dutch Republic.
  • 1851William Lassell discovered the Uranian moons Umbriel and Ariel.
  • 1871 – The largest mass lynching in United States history took place when around 500 white rioters entered Chinatown in Los Angeles to attack, rob, and murder its residents.
  • 1944 – World War II: The Imperial Japanese battleship Musashi(pictured), one of the heaviest and most powerfully armed ever constructed, was sunk in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.
  • 1964 – The military court of South Vietnamese junta chief Nguyễn Khánh acquitted Generals Dương Văn Đức and Lâm Văn Phát of leading a coup attempt against Khanh, despite the pair's proclamation of his overthrow during their military action.

Tycho Brahe (d. 1601) Richard Temple, 1st Viscount Cobham (b. 1675) Letitia Woods Brown (b. 1915)