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November 21: World Hello Day; Armed Forces Day in Bangladesh

  • 1977 – "God Defend New Zealand" (pictured) became New Zealand's second national anthem, on equal standing with "God Save the Queen", which had been the traditional one since 1840.
  • 1386Turco-Mongol conqueror Timur captured and sacked the Georgian capital of Tbilisi, forcing King Bagrat V to convert to Islam.
  • 1894First Sino-Japanese War: After capturing the city of Lüshunkou, the Japanese Second Army killed more than 1,000 Chinese servicemen and civilians.
  • 1916HMHS Britannic was destroyed by a Naval mine off the Greek island of Kea, making it the largest ship lost during the First World War.
  • 2009An explosion in a coal mine in Heilongjiang, China, killed 108 miners.

Columbanus (d. 615) James Hogg (d. 1835) Annie (b. 1977)

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